Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Virtual Biggest Loser week 2 winner

This is Dani aka Well-Rounded Woman in the blogging world....

There is a competition going on across the blogging all started with Katy aka Project-Look Good Naked -- she challenged blog readers to a 3 month Virtual Biggest Loser Challenge
Each week the "Biggest Loser".....gets a prize....a headband from "yours truly"...Headbandlady
Dani is the winner of week 2
Amazing is all I can say for her...
Dani lost 11.6 lbs
in one week!
That was 4.15% of her body weight
(and the only reason I know those because the math whiz Katy does the computation)
you can check out Danis blog
Check out Tuesdays June 22nd post....
Thanks Dani for the plug


  1. THANK YOU for such a sweet reward. I worked my butt off and it was so neat to get something tangible to celebrate and remember that accomplishment by! And really, so kind of you to do this for challengers.

    I've been pimping your headband at the gym and getting some admiring comments. /pose I love how well it stays put!

    Know your handiwork is appreciated. =)

  2. The staying on is the best feature for me also...I use it in the pool while swimming, I use them on bike rides, and in my most intense gym workouts...and they stay in place....thanks! I am glad you like pleasure!