Monday, June 14, 2010

Saturday bike ride In June

This picture should of been posted last.....this is hubby....he is tired..
tired of waiting for me to finish taking pictures!
Oh, he is such a patient man!

a side note for you who bike ride,
and you notice he has clipless pedals
but...he is not wearing his bike shoes
WHY you ask?
they broke just as we began our ride...
thank goodness he had his
running shoes in the car!

My favorite stencil....just wish it was in hot pink

This tree is one of my favorites on my ride.....I wish my entire family would climb up it and we could take a family picture!!

When I  leave Picnic Island I have to cross over this bridge -- it is so peaceful and serene
water is running under the bridge....oh, the sites and sounds!

An overpass heading north....that is hubby in front

Can't complain about the scenery

And now here are the visitors we encountered on our ride

Baby coyote -- for the past 3 weeks we have seen this baby along with his/her 3 other siblings, and mommy is there also....don't get too close

Playful coyotes.....they are so adorable!
Near Hayden and Jackrabbit

Mr. Ground Squirrel

And this crane...there are many on and about this trail

and last but not least.....
my steal of a deal
purchased after our bike ride


  1. I, too, ADORE this trail. Thanks to you. It's been about a month since I've run it and I am dying to get back out there...just not in this blasted heat! Would those coyotes leave runners alone? I'd freak out! You are one brave lady!

  2. That is a rather awesome trail. I thought my little trail was nice but that is gorgeous!

    Is it bad that I've never seen those "shoes" before? In the picture in the last post I thought they were fingerless gloves. lol

  3. BEAUTIFUL! I wish we had something like that where I live. Seriously gorgeous.

    And love the Vibrams!

  4. Amber...the coyotes will not bother a runner...even the mommy coyote has been laying out in the sun and she is pretty friendly..but, don't mess with her Vibram shoes are fairly new on the market...I saw someone running in the Ironman with them and a few people have them, but I agree with you they do look like gloves...and you actually put them on your toes like you would put gloves on your fingers...