Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday morning run 7.5 miles with hubby

See this guy...
He is "hubby"
this is a picture last week on our bike ride....

We did not go riding this morning.....we went on the same path...but we went running instead....His choice!
The reason I put this picture of him riding and not of him running...because this week...he said to me....we can run together but there is one condition, and only one.....Do not bring the camera!

We ran 7.5 miles this morning...not that it is a great feat or anything like that...but my hubby had heart surgery 3 years ago this June.  For one whole year almost to the date....he would wake up in the morning and he would say to me...."I can not believe I am still alive!"  For one year he stuggled daily with the pain he experience...he would tell me the pain was much worse after the surgery...  I did think his days were numbered...but doing what us woman do...I put my best foot forward..and carried on each day, as if it might be his last...but, I was determined we were going to enjoy our life together....and we did.  After the first year past, he decided he was sick and tired of listening to his doctors....and against his doctors advice he got back on his bike that he loved dearly...and began riding.  It was so difficult at first, he would pedal down the road, and sometimes he could only last 1/2 hour and he would return home...determined he would go further next time.  It was difficult for him...this is a man who has been active since a tiny kid....surfing since his elementary school days (we grew up in Southern California), and as our kids grew he adapted his sports to be involved with the kids when our middle child took up mountain biking, he did also......then his heart was too much to continue, he was weak, tired...and not himself.  So after finally discovering the root cause...heart surgery was the route he took!  Lets now fast forward to 2009 -- he decided he was going back to his old active self...and he began biking, swimming, and tried running (btw...he has always hated running!)  He is now training for the Ironman 70.3 -- and running is what he is doing.....he could of ran 10 miles easily...he was not a bit tired after the run, not out of breath, but....we live in AZ....we got a late start out this morning and by the time we had ran 7.5 miles the temps were inching up in the 100's -- so we thought we would call it a run...I just wanted everyone to know how proud of this man I I am running side by side with him, I am clapping for him my running "standing ovation" --


  1. Wow! When your husband does the Ironman, he should be featured as an amazing success story! Talk about rebuilding your life! That's so awesome

  2. Congrats on Week 3!! I received my wonderful headband last week and tried it out on a long dog walk last night and it was awesome...thank you!! Gonna try to get a pic up at some point.. I just hate my non-makeup workout look!

  3. Lafngirl...thanks, and get old like me...and you will not care about your non-makeup workout look...!! When you get a pic, I will post it here...glad you like it~