Monday, June 14, 2010

Saturday....super score REI's Garage Sale

After our Saturday morning bike ride.....Hubby realized he needed new biking before heading home, we thought lets just stop by REI and see what they have................SCORE!!!!!!!!  REI was having a Garage Sale for members (I say that because you can be a lifetime member for $20.00-we joined when my middle child was 13 years old....that child is now a 30 year old adult) okay....back to the subject at hand -----  so first shoes I spot are the ones to the left in this picture....I was not even looking for any shoes....but these are lightweight running shoes....and I could use a the price tag stated a whopping $7.98 -- yes, no lie.....what the heck....anyone could use a pair of running shoes at this price, even if they do not run....hubby had no luck finding riding shoes....then I spotted my second pair.....oh heaven is looking down on me this morning.....I spot a pair of vibram (big foot shoes, as my hubby calls them), not sure if they are my size....but for the price of $19.98....I am going to sit right down and slip them on....and see if they fit....another pair for me today....snug as a glove!  I can't find my other, I know how I lost him on the biking path -- but, in REI come on, it is not even as big as a did  he become lost -- so as I am walking around the loop for the second time....and he is searching for me....we reunite...and he has in his hand a pair of biking shoes....I am thinking he did not find them in the garage sale area....but, so he finds them and it is going to cost about $100. -- no problem...I just saved a bundle on two pair of shoes...and then he excitingly tells me...guess what these cost....?????  $14.98 ---- so we take our finds to the front counter to check out.  Well.....the best part is here at check-out....the clerk asks us if we were aware "that if you buy one shoe the second shoe is free" ---- So we buy my Vibrams for $19.98 , his pair of biking shoes are free...yes, free.........and then I pay $7.98 for my running shoes  -- The total cost for 3 shoes with tax came to $30.29 -- that made my day....I don't think the pair of flip flops I had on were under $30. -- I was giddy all day.......I kept saying to my hubby "SCORE" -- I do think he had his fill of me Saturday!!!!!!!  First a bike ride, me taking pictures, and him waiting......then my excitement of getting 3 pair of shoes, for only $30. --secretly, I think he liked the idea of only spending $30. on 3 pair of shoes also!


  1. Don't you LOVE REI garage sales!!! If you're ever in Denver, you'll have to check out the REI downtown. I'll be your personal escort. It's the biggest store EVER, I believe it's the flagship store and it's so cool! You got Vibrams!!!! Scott would be so proud. I'll not mention that you got them for under $20...he'll get jealous.

  2. SHEESH! What a steal! AMAZING! You'll have to let me know what it is like to run in Vibrams. I'm excited for you. I felt the same way when I got a shopping cart FULL of produce today for only $23!

  3. Amber I do love my running in them, it feels great...but as our summer is heating up, I can feel the heat through these I get "hot" feet -- I will use them on the treadmill, and short runs,and then when it cools down in the fall, I will run with them outdoors again! Oh the joys of living in the desert!