Tuesday, June 8, 2010

1st week of VBL challange

Wish I would of thought about pics.....a crazy week for me to say the least!  First of all I am obsessed with working out at least 6 days a week....because we were planning on traveling for the weekend...and the week prior I missed 5 days of exercising....I was determined to get as much time working out as possible!! My body paid the price....I was one hurting unit!  Weigh in day was June 1st --I had not exercised since the Friday before, determined as I was to make sure I was getting my exercise in...I pushed up my bike rides Rode 48 miles on Thursday, Rode 36 miles on Friday (note to self....take a day off between bike rides...your under carriage will thank you), and Sat (on vacay rode 47 miles....and glad I did not get lost -- I had some serious doubts about making it home alive) my private parts were paying a price....I had to ask hubby to go to the lobby and ask where we could buy some diaper rash cream....I am sure they thought we were insane, because no one had babies in our group, the youngest was 9...lol....  I did get my one Total Conditioning class in on Wednesday...which is an awesome class, where you sweat like a pig...but, it is a feel good sweat!!  I missed this Mondays class, because I failed to plan .... and got to class later than normal, no more steps were available.  I know I could of forced my way into some cramped area, and not used a step, in my mind...it was the divine forces telling me to "blow off " this class......so I did!!!!!  The one thing I did consistantly was eating healthy choices most of the time....even on vacay.....my sil J made sure that they had fresh fruit and veggies....and my hubby packed my balsamic vingerette (They both win the blue ribbion for this past week)!  (a quick side note: When I first started losing weight, I had a serious talk with my hubby, and told him it was his fault for my weight gain...lol....he had the heart surgery, that put stress on me, etc. etc etc....thank god that man really loves me, because I wonder every day how he has managed to stay married to me for over 34 years this December)  Weigh in was this morning.....and wow, I lost the most weight that I had ever lost in a week....NO I AM NOT THE ONE WHO LOST 10 lbs!!  I lost 3.9 lbs and I felt euphoric...todays bike ride starts my first post for next weeks 2nd week....it was crazy....hot, added an extra 6 miles because of my error....but, no, even in this AZ heat....I did not faint...Katy gets the blue ribbon for a great finish on an uphill bike ride!!  At least she did it with style!!!


  1. I can't imagine being able to bike that far. What an inspiration! And thanks for talking about classes ... cause I totally want to put something like that on my schedule this week. Mix things up!

    Keep up the great work! =)

  2. Thanks Dani! and believe me it was not always that way....but, taking classes...have been a "god-send"..n' u meet some really nice people -- I have to say I had to step out of my comfort zone....and I am sure I am the oldest in the class!! Dani I started out by riding my bike 3 miles...so let me tell you -- if I can do it...you can also!

  3. Congrats!! I wish I had that energy...although I know I'll feel more energetic once I get off my bum and start exercising more. That really is a great week of activity and eating healthy...which is even more amazing because you were on vacation!! Congrats and keep it up. You'll make good competition :)

  4. WAY to go on your first week!

    I saw that you're going to Rocky Point and I have to ask - is that for Circus Mexicus? It's just you're from AZ and Rocky Point - I put the two together.

    Which actually means I might've met you a few weeks ago at a RCPM concert. Then again, maybe that wasn't you. In which case, NEVERMIND THE CRAZY PERSON BEHIND THE CURTAIN.

    Anyway, congrats on a great week - and I'm hoping that you have both a great time at RP and also a safe and healthy one! :)

  5. Nope not me...lol...honestly, I do not like going to Mexico....but it was a wedding, and I had to be there...otherwise....Cali is where I am usually headed....cooler temps, sand, surf and sun! That is all I need to make this girl happy!