Sunday, August 8, 2010

August September and October Deals/Team Sole Sisters Fundraiser

As many of you know I am running with Team Sole Sisters.  Team Sole Sisters is a not-for-profit 503-C organization that aims to provide children in Arizona recreational opportunities that they could not otherwise afford.  Sole Sisters believes "that in life every individual deserves the chances for success."  Sole Sisters offer kids a chance by supporting running, fitness, nutrition and character building programs with the ultimate goal of decreasing the obesity rate among our children!

Each headband I sell in August, September and October I am donating 100% of my profit directly into my Sole Sisters account.  My goal is to raise over $1,000!

Help Me - Help the Kids!  Each and every donation no matter how big or small is a tax deduction for you!  In Arizona it is a tax credit on your State return.  This is a win-win situtation, you get a tax deduction, you are helping the kids, and for each $10 donation you get a headband of your choice!  Go to my website click on fabric, (if you donate $10 choose one, if you donate $40 choose four,etc) go to contact me info, note the headbands you want and once I receive confirmation of your payment, I will get the headbands to you.

To make the payment directly to my Sole Sisters account, go to click on Sole Sisters (more info), click on the donate now button.  On the bottom left of the screen where it states "Donate for an Athlete", make sure my name is in the box (Sue Aflague), press donate, enter the amount you wish to donate and press donate again! You are immediately given a confirmation via your email, just email that to me at and the headbands of your choice will be to you asap.  If you would prefer to write a check, make the check payable to Sole Sisters, just make sure my name is in the memo section of the check...checks can be mailed to:
Chances For Children
9399 S. Priest Drive
Tempe, AZ 85284
if you prefer, mail it to me or if you are here locally in can just hand it to me.


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  1. Hey Sue! Thanks for the award! I finally got around to doing my Versatile Blog post! Hope you're doing great! :)