Friday, July 30, 2010

The Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger award!  So do you know what versatile means?  "Able to do many things well" --LOL - I might be able to do many things well...but, blogging is not one of those things.  Do you know how long it took me to attach this green thing next to my writing - the green box with the words "The Versatile Blogger"?  Well let me tell ya....after trying to cut and paste several times, and then geting all of project-lookgoodnakeds' text on my blog, and then trying to cut all the text out that did not apply....I started over!  (BTW do you know when I started typing in school (9th grade) we had the manual typewriters, not even the electric version....the following year our school was provided the electric were not dinosaurs anymore...we could type with speed (not literally speed (the drug) -- you need to know I was a product of the 70's --drugs were a part of the So. Calif culture and even though it might not of been me doing the drugs, it seemed like every where you turned drugs hit you head on....remember Charlie Manson, yeap...we watched it every night in the nightly news cast!--and if you are too young to remember the name Charlie Manson , I am sure you have heard of the book Helter Skelter) Back to my Versatile I decided I would go with what I knew...I know how to attach I saved the green thing to my pics...and waalaa....I was able to attach it to my post -- Why do I not do it the easy way the first time...who knows...I guess that is how I am made!!!

So lets get to the rules (RULES...there are rules in this blogging sphere??!!??)
Rule #1 - Thank the person who nominated you
►I did that!  Very first thing in this post -- so I would not forget...age has a lot to do with memory..something I have learned with age
Rule #2 - Share 7 things about yourself ( it goes, and it might be boring so skim over it...but hey, I have got to follow the rules)
7 things about me...
#1 -  Born and raised in Southern California (something that I am very proud about, who can call themselves a Cali girl...and I was born in....INGLEWOOD) my children have all sung me the song at some point in their ( you know that the word "their" does not follow the rule "i before e, except after c) lives! Must be why I have ♥ for the LAKERS!!!
#2 - Never did laundry...until as a newly wed my husband asked "Do you think you can try to do our own laundry instead of sending it out to the Laundromat each week?" (also another So. Cal thing, please note that there was a Chinese Laundry on every corner, or so it seemed) -- So...I thought, what the heck....I can do I put the clothes in the washer on cold, when cycle completed I put them in the dryer, and upon exiting the dryer, all the clothes were wrinkled (what the did this happen -- also a side note, this was in the days before perma-press material...everything wrinkled) So I attempted laundry for the 2nd time that day....put the clothes in the washer, this time on hot, put the clothes back in the dryer on medium, and waalaa....wrinkled again...what was I doing wrong? can not be this difficult!...So I attempted for the 3rd time...clothes back into washer - changed temp. setting, clothes into dryer - changed the temp. setting, and waalaa....WRINKLED!  So I did what any So. Cali girl would do.....I called my MIL (of course, I would not of called my mom...she sent our laundry to the Chinese Laundry also...where do you think I learned this skill!) Here is our convo..."Hey J...I got a question, I am trying to do our laundry...and (I tell her the whole story about 3 times and the wrinkles) what am I not doing right?  MIL "You iron them"  Me--"I am sending my clothes to the Chinese Laundry the heck with this ironing...I can wash and dry them, but have got to be kidding me...hubby did not say iron, he asked if I could wash them!"
#3 - Did not know how to boil water (my domestication skills were nil) I was trying to be a great I thought I would take over the task of making hubby his tea each day...I wanted to surprise him when he got home from work... So I got out his favorite pan..(the one he brought into the marriage from his home...the only thing other than his clothes and his surfboard that he brought into my I knew he loved this pan.!)  I put water in the pan, put it on the stove, and .......did not think about it again, until I was sitting on my bed doing my assignment for my class....and I could smell something (also before smoke detectors were put in)...I am wondering what is burning.....and as I walk out of my bedroom into the living room, and turn towards the dining room....I see a whole lot of smoke emitting from the kitchen stove.........Hello.....I forgot about boiling water for hubbys tea.........what am I going to do....What any person with common sense would do....get the smoke put out, clean up the mess....and throw away the pan....No problem....lesson learned...."Do not attempt to make hubbys tea again!"  That is why he does it!!  and then I spray the room, put fresh flowers on the up the windows, get the fans going...and when hubby arrives home, he does not have a clue I even attempted to make him tea...until......He proceeds to make his tea....Hubby -"Hon, where is my tea pan?"  Me - "Oh, you will never believe what I attempted to try today!"  hubby; - "SO where did you say the pan was?" Long story short.....I explain that I attempted to make him tea, but got distracted doing my homework...and I did not even remember until I smelled something burning, and when I went to investigate...I realized I had forgot...and the pan burned, and ....well...I just threw it out in the garbage.  Ha Ha...wasn't that funny..  Well.....the practical man that he is....he requested that I go down to the dumpster immediately and fetch his pan out...  ME - "You are kidding, right!!??!!!" In his sternest voice, he replies........"Um, No"  -- I am crying (this always worked with my mom and dad, if I cried, they gave in)...."Sue, just go in the trash and get the pan, it is my fav pan, it works".....Me - "just use one of the new ones, Pleasssssssseeeeeeeeeee" (in my whinnest voice I could muster at the time) -- Well hubby informs me that he can tolerate a lot, but his pan is his pan, and he wants it.  So I cringe, walk downstairs, go to the dumpster, and cry even louder....and put my hand in the dumpster (this was no easy feat...even now 33 years later, I can still smell the stench, the horrible feeling in my gut....this was the worst of the worst....) -- and I get his pan, and march myself back upstairs, and in my pouting ticked off look and voice...say "Here...I hope this makes you happy!"  and he smiles and says "thanks, thank you very much, I really appreciate that you tried to make me tea, but I appreciate it even more that you could go down there and get my pan."  In my mind....I did not even think that pan was salvageable... Hubby showed me how you can take an SOS pad, and scrub the burn out of the pan, and the pan looked good as new...Can I tell ya...that pan still resides in our kitchen today!
#4 - moved out of my parents home at age 16 -- why you might ask....totally my decision, and at times I struggled..but, I worked, paid all my own expenses bought my very first car, a 74 VW bug brand new off the lot ...finished high school...went on to get my college degree...and paid for it all, except my two last years of schooling was my husbands money along with mine that paid for schooling...I had finished my 1st 2 yrs prior to getting married, and then we moved to AZ and I put my education on hold. I was married with two little ones....a 3 yr old, and a 1 yr old -- and completed my education!  Another proud feat!

Are you bored yet....or falling on the floor laughing, because knowing me as an never imagined me having a life prior to smile every time I remember my early days!

#5 -- (are you kidding me...I am not finished yet)
When I say I ♥ my family....I truly mean it!  My husband first and foremost...because any average "Joe" would of walked out on me the very 1st year....I know I was difficult!!  and all 3 of my adult children...I am so proud of all their accomplishments....but, I have to is much easier being their mom now that they are adults! And my two adorable grandkids....which btw...2 more are being added to our family in 2011 --Yippee!!!!!!!!!!

#6 - Rode my bicycle 100 miles in one day (actually about 7 hours) April 2010

#7 - I ♥ calms my soul, it makes me feel whole...and so far the longest run I ever did was 17 miles in January 2010

Whew...glad that part is over...have not written this much since I wrote a term paper in my college days.....

Rule # 3 - Nominate 7 newly discovered blogs....(sorry folks....but, I have to choose is the rules)
I nominate (cue up drumroll please)

Rule #4 - Let your nominees know about the award (Now this is the easiest part)

Okay it only took me 6 1/2 hours to complete this posting............♫Thank you Katy...for nominating me♫

and....I hope I did not bore you too much.....I really am not the person who puts my life out there for everyone to read.....remember I grew up in California....we are very careful people, who only open up to our dear and near friends...and those friends are the ones you grew up with, who knew your families...knew you, knew you during the good times, the bad times...and the horrible ugly times....So I hope you "new" friends enjoyed a glimpse into my soul is just one of those rare moments...where I had to go with the flow!!! 


  1. Awwwww thank you! What an honor - and congrats on YOUR award! :)

    How exciting!

  2. Awh, I loved this sue. Some day you'll have to share with me how you got into ASL with Amber.

  3. Sue - I am so grateful that you nominated me. Even more, I'm thrilled that I got to read so much about you. The whole pan story made me want to be your new best friend. So. Damn. Funny. Thank you for the giggles and the inspiration. Congrats on the running too. I am a newbie runner and I only run 1 mile a day, but mentally, I crave it. Hugs and smiles, Kirsten

  4. Why, thank you! Say hello to AZ for me and kiss the ground for me (but wait until you won't burn you lips on the scorching ground). My homemaking skills just about mirrored yours when I got married :) I am drooling at your REI finds -- I miss that sale!