Monday, August 31, 2009

Irongeezelle wrote an article about me in her webzine...

(Chandler Montez, 10, a 5k runner, models a chic headband from the Headband Lady collection.)

Product Tip: Headband Lady Headbands

IrongeezelleSays™: While Irongeezelle is not in the habit of accepting of product promotion, this case of the Headband Lady, who has taken charge of her fitness and now created a business, is unique. Irongeezelle ran into the Headband Lady on a run, started chatting and learned how this sassy, entrepreneurial woman recently launched a business, an idea fostered by fitness and health. Now that’s our kind of Irongeezelle. Let’s hear it for the Headband Lady.

Let’s hear it from the Headband Lady

by Sue Aflague

In my new adventures of getting fit, I had a difficult time keeping my bangs out of my face. After investing a small fortune in headbands, that did not fit properly, I decided to put my old sewing skills to work and came up with a headband that stays on.

I began wearing my headbands to the gym, while riding my bike, during swims, and just hanging out with my grandkids. Many people expressed interest in buying them, so I started making some and selling them to friends locally. Apparently, there is a need for these bands with many people in many different walks of life because my requests increased.

I decided to market my headbands, and sell them for $8 –currently, I only have 8 different prints, but that is being expanded to 20 - 25 different prints. Eventually I will add the cool wicking bands (which I really love, during my exercise jaunts), and I would like to add silk printing with slogans like, "Run Like A Mother." Of course, I will continue to offer plain ones, even in organic cotton.

I believe the key selling feature of my headbands is the fact they are made of swimsuit material (spandex), and that they stay in place on your head. I even swim in the pool with them without them coming off; I ride my bike wearing the headband and my headband has never flown off, as other purchased headbands did; while out on a run, I have found the headband to work well for my needs, too. I am hoping that all these reasons – fit, versatility, price and local product - will encourage active women to give the Headband Lady a try.

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